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10 AIP Breakfast Ideas (Autoimmune Protocol Diet)

10 AIP BREAKFAST IDEAS – In this episode I go over 10 different ideas for breakfast on the Autoimmune Paleo Protocol. Breakfast is often the hardest meal on this diet and often we get a little stressed and overwhelmed with trying to deal with not eating typical breakfast foods like eggs and cereal. I’ve got you though!

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  1. Anyone do AIP diet without dairy? I love dairy, but it makes my sinuses swell.
    I also do not eat “Biblically unclean” meats – (Basically scavenger clean up animals.)
    I eat beef, fish with scales, no shellfish, Turkey, clean birds.

    So any other informational sites?

  2. Gosh, AIP would be so much easier if I could have coconut in any capacity. I usually just stare into the fridge or the cupboards for an hour, on and off, not wanting to eat anything because everything makes me sick, not wanting to cook because I'm too fatigued, and then just give up and don't eat until later when I just finally go eat a can of sardines or something out of desperation. Been trying hard to get into meal prep but it's at the point where I'm just scared to eat everything. It'll get better eventually. Just gotta get there. 🙂 Glad there are videos out there about some meal prep, though. 🙂

  3. Something most people don't realize, is the AIP diet should be combined with the blood type diet for maximum benefits. Coconut is not for everyone which is why you'll read a lot of comments on blogs where people say they can't do coconut. Coconut milk actually makes me feel super spacey. Btw, there is a banana flour and you can substitute it in most recipes that call for coconut flour. If your type O blood like me, that is more healing for you. Coconut and avocado are poison for type O blood types. Whereas bananas and carob are actually medicine. So for breakfast I do a frozen banana milkshake smoothie with carob powder which tastes like a chocolate milkshake! 😁 I only tolerate Oatly oat milk perfectly. Literally any other kind of milk causes inflammation and makes my thyroid puff up. Sooo yummy! I add one scoop of organic beef bone broth powder for protein. I also add half a teaspoon of turmeric and a pinch of pepper for an extra anti-inflammatory kick. I actually look forward to breakfast now. Finally! Plus I feel amazing for about 4 to 5 hours before I need to eat again. Then it's back to veggies and meats and salads and the occasional cassava flour taco or brownies or carob chip cookies.

  4. When my mom eats something she doesn't like she calls it "punishment food". Porridge is punishment food for me 😂 When I first started AIP, I tried a few porridge recipes. Even though I didn't like them there would be so much left over (plus, I didn't know what else to eat) that I would make myself eat it. I was so sad 🙍🏽‍♀️🤣 My biggest hurdle was getting used to eating meat for breakfast. Now I'm at a place where I love what I eat and I get excited for certain meals. I have yet to figure out what to make on nights I work late and just want something quick to whip up that's good.

  5. Hello, Michele. Breakfast is really a problem for me. I am from Italy. Now I can't go with my husband to the bar (coffee shop) to drink coffee and eat a brioch ( national breakfast tradition here). I have found AIP protocol a month ago, and I am trying to follow it. Before I was eating only glutin-free. I am 64 and 17 years ago I was diagnosed Hashimoto.

  6. Michele Spring – Thank you! I struggle with breakfast. Back in the day I would have cold pizza for breakfast so now I will be trying dinner leftovers for breakfast and some of your other 10 suggestions.

  7. Thanks for the great ideas, I can't get some of the things like river nuts here and with the cold weather coming was struggling with warming breakfast ideas, a must living in a bus.

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  9. iI feel like you are rushing and holding yourr breathe.. I want you to take a breathe out and breathe from your gut! I know ironic right….. LOL! And thank you, this is really helpful and important.

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  12. Whoa!!!!!
    Now I think I can do this!
    Been missing eggs so bad 😩
    Made smoothies but was too much fruit/sugar
    Gonna use these suggestions like crazy…
    Btw binge watching your channel 👍

  13. I love to start my day with something warm and "sweet" like bulletproof matcha or coconutmilk based Soups, lotus root porridge and sometimes plantain based pancakes.
    The breakfast parfaits are great for my first at work meal, a smoothie or avocadobased pudding will do to.

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