10 Millet Recipes | Healthy Breakfast Recipes/Dinner Ideas | Weight loss Recipes

10 Millet Recipes | Healthy Breakfast Recipes/Dinner Ideas | Weight loss Recipes | Millet Recipes For Weight Loss

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  1. I am in the UK and just tried the millet Dosa recipe. Although the prep time is long this is the only recipe that works and produces a seriously tasty Dosa just like a pancake but gluten and wheat free. I am awarding this the top score of 3 yummies. Yummy Yummy Yummy. Most of the other millet recipes are just too thick and powdery. I know its just a Dosa but I am so excited to get something you can eat with anything. Going to make a Dosa wrap now. Thank you. One recipe done 9 to go.

  2. I do not use Pressure Cooker. Quite a few recipes use pressure cooker. My tendency is to cook at low temperatures like using slow cooker.
    Do you have any data/info about village dweller type cooking.
    BTW I want to Intro myself, because on my other question reply, you addressed me “sis”, I a not. 76 yrs old foodie & cook. Now a days I am experiment on cuisines. If you Google my name, you would know more about me. Last few weeks I was doing Greek & Italian. Today I googled South Indian, I saw Millets and I stopped, added the whole list to my collection.

    Right now I was reading about Millet Pongal & pressure cooker put me on hold. I would soak millet now, it will be ready to cook by 7:00am tomorrow. I will have enough time in the morning to process & eat the “Nashta” too.
    If you add the number people, your recipe would serve, then it will be able to scale up for people as needed.
    Thank you.
    Blessings & Best Wishes.

  3. I subscribed just watching 1st two recipes.
    In the Dosa Recipe, I got a question.
    What other binder I may use, other than Poha.
    Poha is high carbs, I am on no carbs diet.
    Will channa besan do? Or suggest me any other.

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