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10 Vegetarian SuperFood | High in Protein, Low on Carbs | For Weight Loss & Fat Loss

Here are some Vegetarian SuperFood which are low on carbs but considerably high on protein for weight loss or fat loss. A healthy low crabs diet should have good proteins which are loaded with vitamins and minerals. Learn about 10 surprising Vegetarian food which are good source of protein, but are low in carbs.

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  1. One can eat unrefined food as made by mother nature. High carbohydrates food like millets and some other foods are also good as they contain many nutrients, so we must not deprive our body of nutrients by avoiding such foods. Frequent eating must be avoided to burn excess fat. Exercise and sleep is very important to be healthy.

  2. spinach
    chia seeds / flax seeds
    bathua/chenopdium album
    cluster beans & peas
    dairy products- milk,paneer,curd
    edamane/soya beans
    tofu/ soya milk
    spirulina/hemp seeds

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