3 Healthy Salmon Recipes | 20 Minute Dinner Ideas

I’m Sara Lynn Cauchon also known as The Domestic Geek! My goal is to help you eat well and live better with easy and delicious weekly recipes! I’m dishing our new videos every Monday and Thursday!

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  1. I always air fry our salmon and make the sauce separately and then add the air fried salmon to the pan. I put a layer of halloumi cheese on the salmon when air frying.

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  3. Ok, I tried the first one (the one with Dijon) today. Didn't have cream (used sour cream) don't have fresh parsley( used dry) and plug it over yesterday's leftover plain spaghetti, and I got two thumbs up from my husband who doesn't like fish. So Two thumbs up to you for putting it out there.

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