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4 Amazing Chicken Meal Prep Dishes to Add to Your Daily Routine

Make life easy by adding unique flavors to a simple dish!

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  1. I just want to say to people to stop using plastic containers for hot food, invest a few bucks and get glass or metal ones, personally i try to avoid plastics containers even for cold/hot , water or anything else(besides protein shakers). It has been proven that plastics release harmful compounds for our hormones , especially for males.

  2. Thank you loved this video. The recipes seem simple and delicious. Just wish you included the time and temperature on how to cook the chicken. That would’ve been really helpful. But thank you.

  3. just as a heads up, don't add flour directly into hot liquids. You'll just end up with a thin sauce and chunks of mushy flour. You need to dissolve the flour in a little bit of cold water first then add it in.

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