4 Healthy Side Dishes | Easy + Delicious Weeknight Dinner Recipes

I’m Sara Lynn Cauchon also known as The Domestic Geek! My goal is to help you eat well and live better with easy and delicious weekly recipes! I’m dishing our new videos every Monday and Thursday!

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  1. Delicious…..unique…..yummy….all her recipes……thank you for sharing…..I a new subcriber….love the varieties……thank once again…take care and stay safe…..Rebeca …Canada

  2. Looks like cornmeal was added to those potatoes not garlic powder… the potatoes mixed with the cornmeal and the butter would make them crispy when baked in the oven…

  3. few styles scream mediocrity, lack of imagination and the death of magic more than exaggeration of every little thing: absolutely unbelievable, totally amazing, a tone of fibre, a whole lot healthier, amazing crispy edges, definitely makes it the most delicious,super golden, awesome garlic brown sugar,awesome garlic butter green beans, come together super super fast, awesome flavour, amazing smashed garlic cloves, amazing garlicky flavour, awesome parmesan chicken and rice skillet, really beautiful asian influence, incredible sauce, most incredible savory flavour… And all these in less than 2 minutes which was the max i could take it.

  4. I’m trying to find tasty side dishes to go with our Beef Wellington (my bf is cooking the entree while I’ve got the side dishes for Valentine’s Day since we both love cooking for one another, and I got the entree last time) and your video has been a life saver! Nice and simple but a different approach to sides I’m usually familiar with doing a different (but still tasty) way. 🙂 I already can’t wait to eat tomorrow

  5. Also, it is so nice to see healthy recipes from someone who knows how to cook. Sometimes when I search healthy meals, I'll come across people who put their minced garlic in before their onion and I die a little inside.

  6. As someone who doesn’t like cooking your website has been such a great discovery for me.
    My husband and sons are also enjoying not having to get a takeout at the last min as I am still pondering what to make them all for dinner, so Thank You for all your wonderful videos.

  7. The teacher seems like she used to be a teacher or social worker , always aware of keeping control in the instruction process, speaking with total liberal accent , I would say Saint Paul area was place of origin

  8. Just made the potatoes & it was a total hit. I actually put them on my air fryer instead of the big oven. Making the carrots next. I really enjoy you channel and make a ton of your recipes.

  9. I never use my big stove oven though it's working (storage for pans), I lke the potatoes and greenbeens with your recommended spices, gonna use my toaster…Meatloaf side…..thanks

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