5 Easy & Healthy Meal Prep Recipes

Eat healthy all week with these 5 easy meal prep recipes!

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  1. Simple, Healthy & D'Effinlicious 😋😋 I have to try this or something similar on my channel.. Thanks for the inspiration 👍

  2. thank God these include carbs. Everyone equates a diet to mean not one carb in your mouth. I cant eat like that for life

  3. Comment section is full of expert chefs, yet here they are on YouTube looking for meal ideas 😂😂😂 morons

  4. just meal prepped the chicken burrito bowls!!! looks delicious, thank u so much for this video

  5. For the portabella fajita bowl, do you heat it up before eating? Microwave? If so, how long?

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  7. I heard some guy lost 12kg in just one month by following diet plan from Agoge Diet so I tried that too. Although I didn't lose that much, I could say this thing really works and it's definitely worth trying

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  9. Me being hispanic and eating a tortilla while watching this:Where’s the seasoning?

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  12. Mis leading title ! I m looking for simple recipe , 20 + 20 etc baking time is too much

  13. I’m barely getting into health good. Can someone explain how rigatoni can be healthy? Doesn’t it have a lot of carbs???

  14. I rather die than eat the same thing over and over again for a week

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