5 Healthy Breakfast Recipes To Keep You Fresh All Day • Tasty

A delicious and nutritious breakfast to get the day off to the right start!

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  1. After watching tons of these videos I decided to eat cheese sandwich 🥪 as usual🥳

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  3. A real healthy breakfast :
    Fill a plate 1/4 with egg (however u like)
    1/4 with Toasted bread
    1/4 with favorite veggies
    1/4 with fruits
    Add a drink with milk innit.

  4. Ahh the egg white omlette, the saddest of all the egg recipes. Why would anyone in their right mind skip the yoke?

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  7. 0:16 I never ate an half cooked omelette. I hate it when the yolk is still raw. Ewwwww.. I will never taste it too😑

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