5 Healthy Chicken Recipes You Can Make For Dinner

5 healthy chicken recipes you can make for dinner!

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  1. A lot of goober in here lol. “Cheese is healthy” :/ the issue is the calories people. You could eat 5,000 calories a day of broccoli and be gaining weight.

  2. People, this is a healthy recipe for people that don’t normally eat this. Adding some veggies to their plates is probably a healthier choice compared to their French fries and mac and cheese. Remember, all of our bodies are different. This is definitely healthier for me compared to the things I eat on a daily basis which includes ZERO veggies and no portion control.

  3. In perspective this can be healthy, but it seem these recipes use a lot of cheese which pack high amounts of calories so if you’re on a calorie deficit I’d stay away, though chicken may be healthy, it also packs a lot of calories too. Just make sure whatever method you’re using to lose weight or decrease your caloric intake, be careful on what foods are actually “healthy”

  4. Less than 30secs in had to pause and comment. Matter of fact, not even going to finish the video.
    If you are adding sugar to a "healthy" recipe of chicken. It ain't healthy. Bet it tastes good. But it's not healthy.

  5. The oil adds so many calories, same with the ricotta – I microwave my chicken and slap it on rice with corn on the cob, kiwi and watermelon 👍

  6. Thank you for this upload!! All these healthy, delicious dinner choices!! I’m feeling inspired will be cooking these all week 😁

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