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5 Keto Diet Recipes For Weight Loss- Part I : Full Day Indian Keto Recipes Meal With Macros

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Curious about what Indian keto meals to eat while following a keto diet or low carb diet? In this video, We will show you a FULL DAY of eating keto Indian meals including breakfast, lunch and dinner. Whether you’re on a keto diet or just want to see what the ketogenic diet looks like, check out this video and my channel for additional keto recipes mainly based on Indian cuisine.

The Perfect Indian recipes for Keto Diet are right here, Just follow the simple ratio for ingredients and never go wrong with these delicious recipes. So, don’t wait any longer, go ahead and relish these recipes and Enjoy your Keto diet!

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  1. Good going girl ! I'm Indian and a type 2 diabetic trying to control my carbs ! You surely can help me achieve my goal. Looking out for more ! Thanks !

  2. I really love your videos. I will definitely make it at home. Thank you so much. I am keto. These are precious recipes. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️👌👌👌

  3. Eating so much butter and cream will put you in caloric excess and you ll land up gaining weight
    I gained 1 pound in 2 days
    It's frustrating n sad
    I don't know why no one is talking about it
    Eating butter n cheese n cream won't make you lose weight period
    It ll put you in caloric excess

  4. People always talk about getting a six pack, I just wanted a flat stomach. But the keto diet was unbearable for me. I tried the Agoge diet and so far have great results. Highly recommended!

  5. My experience suggests that the keto diet is over-hyped. A good diet ougt to be easy to stick with and be healthy. Agoge diet is a good option, I lost a lot of stubborn belly fat.

  6. The Agoge diet is a much better option than keto. It's well structured, balanced and peronalized. Keto is just risky and very difficult to stick with.

  7. Hey There! Thank you for this useful video. By the way, I hear a lot of people keep on talking about Okibetonic Secrets (do a google search), but I'm not sure if it is really good. Have you tried using Okibetonic Secrets? I have heard some unbelivable things about it and my cooworker lost lots of weight with it, but she refuses to tell me 🙁

  8. Doing correctly keto diet is most important it have 14 days breaks n a lot more it u do correctly lose more than u know n didn't lose any thing else.. Not even glow of face. Even eating right fat helps to glow more

  9. Hey…
    Thank you for the wonderful vegetarian recipes 😊
    I'm a bit confused with the per serving concept of paneer. So the whole pan full of paneer curry is 390cal or its 4*390cal?

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