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6 Keto-Friendly Meals

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  1. My persistent belly fat is so stubborn that I tried the ketogenic diet, saw some results but felt terrible. The Agoge diet on the other hand I saw the same results but felt great.

  2. It's the same food over and over. After a few years of it, you get tired of it. Avocadoes. Then there's always cheese and dairy, which I'm allergic to. I'm also allergic to eggs. But these meals are the same stuff over and over.

  3. It would be a waste for you not to shed body fat while other normal people are capable to lose weight very easily using Custokebon Secrets (google search it).

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  5. Keto is great diet, I lost over 18 KG following this amazing program with keto. You must know your daily Protein, Fat, and carbohydrate plan to know that there is this very simple free custom diet plan from here: Custom Keto Diet Video

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