7 Breakfast Recipes (2+ Toddler & Kids) | Easy and Healthy Breakfast Ideas | Indian Vegetarian Meals

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Its that time of the day when our body needs energy from overnight fasting, so breakfast should be heavy and balanced.

But, are you tired of eating idli, dosa, upma and poha for breakfast everyday? Than I will be sharing many non-traditional Indian vegetarian breakfast recipes, which your kids will enjoy!
With little meal planning during weekends and the night before, your kids can eat healthy and delicious breakfast meals every day.

A tip to make your child eat more is give me 2 to 3 flavours on plate so that he can switch from 1 flavour to another. This way they will not only enjoy eating but end up eating far better than if given only 1 variety.

Recipe 1: Wheat pancake with sweet potato fries
Recipe 2: Sabudana patty with green chutney
Recipe 3: Urad daal vada with coconut chutney
Recipe 4: Lefttover fried roti with hummus
Recipe 5: Gud roti
Recipe 6: Oats chilla
Recipe 7: Parantha with boil moong

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