7 Breakfast Recipes – Part 1 | Indian Breakfast Recipes | Healthy and Quick Breakfast Recipes

Breakfast Recipes Lunch recipes Easy and quick vegetarian for the whole week.
Breakfast Recipe Besan vegetable cheela Indian breakfast lunch recipe | vegan pancake | mumbai masala toast | Aloo sandwich | idli instant quick suji idli | oats kheer | daliya cracked wheat | upma instant suji upma.

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  1. Mam veggies ko baccho ke prantha mein de sakte hain but jo bacche fruits bilkul bhi like nahi karte nahi taste karte uska kya solution hai please suggest

  2. These recipes are healthy for sure because 1. they're all vegan and 2. They use little to no oil. But these recipes are NOT quick at all! In fact they are time consuming and very tedious and complex!

  3. Wow ! These recipes are really delicious and lookin mouth watering. These all recipes are my very very favourite ! Thank thank thank you sooooo much for sharing these lovely and yummy breakfast recipes ! These recipes are actually lookin healthy and easy. I actually see Zayka ka tadka in my facebook, but from now I'm going to see you in youtube. Ur all recipes in this video and in other videos are amazing and easy ! Thank you so much for sharing this nice, easy and yummy recipes with world. Thank you ! I don't know how much do I thank you. Thank you once more.

  4. just love all the veggie and too much happy that i came across such great and lovely recipe with all this eating i take care of my digestion for that i have planet ayurveda digesto plan

  5. Nice receipes mam👏👏👏lekin idli me itna jyada baking soda ya eno nahi dalna chahiye… because it's not good for our health…

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