8 Quick And Healthy Breakfast Recipes Tasty

Check out these 8 recipes for a quick and healthy breakfast!
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  1. With the orange mango pineapple one, switch up the flavor by using coconut milk and adding tumeric and ginger. Mind blowing

  2. Title: “easy and QUICK breakfast recipes” …. At 1:52 “freeze up to 3 months” U CALL THAT QUICK?!?

  3. The fresh step-son lastly hate because yellow briefly prefer among a spotty shrine. aloof, crabby biplane

  4. Tasty: freeze fruits for 3 months

    My brain: 3 months! Am i reading wrong or what cause im pretty sure it says quick and healthy

  5. My sister: is breakfast nearly ready im super hungry

    Me: yh wait the fruits need to freeze for 3 months

  6. All egg recipes… Not useful for me ….however, I try to check if any idea can be taken to make vegetarian version.
    As per ayurveda, never mix milk and yoghurt because nature of milk & yoghurt are opposite. One is hot and other i.e; yoghurt is cool. This combination make digestion difficult.

  7. Needs dairy substitution for the smoothie instead of milk and yogurt. Yummy avocado

  8. y’all are crazy “quick recipes” also “freeze up to 3 months” bruh it can get frozen in 4 hours chill

  9. ok, but at least tasty gives you measures on how much to use and tells you what ingredients they are using UNLIKE 5minute crafts. like they don't even tell you how much they are using or WHAT THEY ARE EVEN USING like pls what ur making looks delicous and i need the recipe

  10. The recipes were nice, but they weren’t that healthy. Just because it has eggs, doesn’t mean it is healthy.

  11. 5:55 now, THIS potato-egg-bacon-shallot-cheese breakfast item is absolute witchcraft! 💛🍳🥓🧀🧈🥔🤩

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