Belly Fat

Bedtime Drink To Remove Belly Fat and Lose Weight

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  1. I have tried the apple cider vinegar ,
    Morning and night and you lose weight but if you do intermittent fastin ass well, it’s unreal, I have always, worked out but always had a bit of a gut , after doing the above
    I had a six pack , speechless. be carful you can lose to much weight,
    They call acv the body builders friend, always brush you teeth after
    as it can damage them. Good luck,
    And God bless everyone.

  2. My weight loss was reduce with natural remedies treatment which i order from Dr Ehimare on YouTube and apply as instructed by him.God bless you Dr Ehimare on YouTube channel.

  3. I was reading some of the comments and some people just dont know how to listen to your directions that's why they claim it doesn't work but it does!! It's all about keeping a simple diet and drinking that mix I'm trying it and I'm feeling the bloating going down it males me wanna drink More water after the mix which Is Great, thank you 😊 AND God Bless

  4. Chef where have you been all of my life??? I praise God for you. I’ve been eating clean for three days and bless God my feet not swollen anymore. I’m waking up early. My intestines are cleaning out. My skin feels smooth again. Jesus I thank you. I will try this on the weekend. I’m afraid it will empty my stomache in the bus lol.

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