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Best Belly Fat Burning Foods – 10 Foods You Should Eat Regularly to Lose Weight

This video is about the best belly fat-burning foods, 10 foods you should eat regularly to lose weight. Yes, there are foods, fat-burning foods, belly fat burning foods, burn belly fat, losing belly fat, getting rid of belly fat, getting rid of belly fat foods, and much more. And all are about healthy foods to eat to burn fat and lose belly fat. Watch now to see what these specific foods can do for you. There are fat-burning foods such as salad greens, tree nuts, lean chicken breast, eggs, oatmeal, boiled potatoes, vegetable soup, greek yogurt, popcorn, and chia seeds. Watch now to learn more. Waysandhow.

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  1. Hi am from nigeria i start My weight lose journey last month but i just lose only5kg am not drink any juice or mineral cake boga pizza shawarma i just eaten only beans eggs apple more apple and more banana salat cucumber tomatos green peppe and red fish and lemon juice i dont like to drink water that way i drink more lemon juice i drink like4to5 lemon a day i squeeze half of lemon in one bottle water i drinked like 8to6 bottle a day and i did My daily workout junping jack 10run At steps and more different type of exs but in 34dys i just only reduse 5kg please can you help Me for the advise i thinks maybe the problem is inside the food thanks so much

  2. Just stay in a calorie deficit and you’ll lose weight you can’t spot reduce bodyfat low calorie foods with high volume protein, fiberous foods that will fill you up

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