Hey girl hey! In today’s video, I am giving you 8 meals that you can prepare ahead and store in the freezer to dump into the crockpot and GO on about your day! During this time this would make dinner preparation so much easier. Don’t forget to go check out another super sweet YouTube mama, Jennifer. Her channel is full of amazing lunch ideas, shopping hauls, cIeaning and cooking videos.

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  1. So I'm laying in my bed because I have pneumonia and I normally watch natural hair YouTube but I came across one of your videos and FELL IN LOVE. I HAVE WATCHED ALMOST ALL OF YOUR VIDEOS. WATCHING IT ON MY TV BUT POSTING ON MY PHONE.
    I just want to say thank you for being open honest and listening to your heart when you are sharing. I am having some health problems and even though it's not what you were dealing with I'm having similar issues with my doc leaving feeling unheard or worse but listening to you share your story encouraged me because through it all I keep saying God I still trust you.
    As for your meals honty, why haven't I seen these before. Again thank you for sharing love all the chicken dump and go. Will you be making some dump and go desserts and more breakfast. God bless you 💜💜💜

  2. I’m a new subscriber & I’m so happy I found you!! I’ve been wanting to cook more at home and use my crockpot & we just bought a air fryer so I can’t wait to use your meal ideas!! 💕💕

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