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Full Day of Eating with Thomas DeLauer – Mediterranean Keto + Recipes

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Full Day of Eating with Thomas DeLauer – Mediterranean Keto + Recipes- Thomas DeLauer

Here’s what a typical day in my life looks like whilst adhering to a mediterranean keto diet (recipes included). Enjoy, and I’ll see you in the comments!

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  1. Great Info – am doing this diet! Also thinking that the Mediterranean diet would also include Turkey, North Africa, Israel, etc. Thinking of Baba ghanoush and other veggie hummus would be good, as would some Moroccan spices added to lean meats and fish. We tend to think of Italy and Greece when we think of the Med., but it's a lot bigger than that, encompassing some beautiful and interesting flavors. Lots of lamb too!

  2. I’m not finding unpasteurized cheese in my smaller Texas town. But I can order from a cattle and sheep farm in Dublin TX when it’s in season.

  3. I think I may be a cheese addict, especially the goat and sheep cheeses, really any of pure unprocessed aged cheese.

  4. I jive with all those foods. Being a male, I don’t know how much cheese is wise for me to consume. I would rather cook with avocado or coconut oils.

  5. Love, love, love your videos Thomas on what you eat in a day of keto- keep them coming.

  6. Hi Thomas can make more full day of eating videos. It is a good point of reference for me as a beginner to keto.

  7. The title should be "The Over-full Day of Eating". You should show how much you actually eat. What you've prepare is way more than one person would eat on a Mediterranean Keto diet. You talked about your supper being only 500 calories. What you prepared is enough for three or four people given that calorie count. Show us actual serving sizes. We can extrapolate the amount for individual weights ourselves. Why would you cook 5 lamb chop when you would like only eat two or three at the most. Left overs?! You seem to assume a lot of things.

  8. the color does matter, I feed my chickens a great diet. their yolks are a nice color. hey I'm a chicken lady I know.


  10. I remember hearing you're coming out with a book on Mediterranean Keto — is it available?

  11. Thomas eat organic please all organic hummus love it hummus is good for cartilage bones yeah. You have tonvusitbisraelnwitj your family you will love the food 🌹💐❤️

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