Healthy Meals & Recipes for Picky Eaters

Best Foods for Picky Eaters 😋 Are you having a hard time finding foods that are highly nutritious that your kids will actually eat? Here are some of the top healthy recipes I serve to my picky eaters that they ask for again and again. Start enjoying mealtimes again with these tasty recipes for picky eaters.

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  1. These actually look good to me omg…. Normally I try to find food for myself but it's still just too many ingredients…. Also I'm 22 and super picky… I hate it but I think it's cause I may have ADHD that's been untreated for a long time… I'm currently getting evaluated tho

  2. Mother of 18 month old boy, doesn’t like any sauce/dressing/toppings ketchup, peanut butter, jam, sour cream, mayonnaise he doesn’t like meats, chicken nor fish he hates chicken nuggets, burgers also doesn’t like beans or lentils. Smh

  3. im 17 and a pretty picky eater i eat chicken turkey sausage pretty much any meat lettuce tomatoes pickles onions blueberries in a protein shake or maybe bannanas and some other things i can't think of off the top of my head im around 6'3 and go in between 220-230 as of now im not very strong but i have started to work out but thats only 30% of it 70% is the fact i need to eat healthier if i want to be a marine

  4. It’s irritating because I recently went on a diet, and as a fussy, picky kid lmao-
    When it comes to lots of these videos, I see so many things that looks amazing but I don’t like many vegetables or fish, 2 really good things for diets🤦

    I’m just boring and I only like a small amount of things- I just want really nice food that’s good for loosing weiGhtTt 😭

  5. Hi i struggle with the textures of the food so when my family cooks really good food with like onions cooked Tomatoes I can't eat most of it because I don't like the textures of the food

  6. I'm 18. I'm a culinary student. I'm cooking for my family since my dad left & my entire family is picky. My 40yo mother won't eat half of these bc she doesn't like eggs. My older brother won't eat anything green & dislikes most vegetables (with the ones he enjoys being bad for him; he has a sensitivity to carrots so can't eat too many tho he likes them). My younger brother won't eat anything with flavour, protein, or texture. Prunes in ccocolate balls? Those taste "weird" & I can't get them to eat it. Baked blueberry oatmeal? My mom won't eat anything with seeds in it & tbh I'm not the biggest oatmeal fan (one of the few foods I dislike). Breakfast pizza? I can't put vegetables on it b they don't eat vegetables, my mom & I aren't the biggest egg fans, my younger brother won't eat ham & im not a big fan either. Broccoli nuggets? Those sound a m a z i n g & I think my mom & I would eat them. I might be able to coerce my older brother to eat them but idk if he would enjoy them or eat more than like two. Idk if I would be able to get my younger brother to eat them. I might get him to try it but he's so stubborn he wouldn't eat more just to spite us. Mini quiches? Sounds great… but I don't like quiche & idk if my mom would eat them. One of the other few foods I don't enjoy. I'll eat them I just. Don't rly like them. Cheesy beef goulash? Idk if anyone in my family would eat that.
    It sucks having teenaged picky eaters. Actually only ONE of them is a teenager. My mom is over 40 & my older bro is 20. I can't trick them into eating broccoli by hiding it in nuggets anymore. Especially since I've done so much hiding that they always ask the ingredients. I want to mutilate their mouths or kill someone bc I can't fricking cook for this family! Anyways. Thanks for the ideas. I might try some & see how they go over. Maybe I'll be able to modify some.
    You know. I'm just. Really annoyed bc all the stuff I see for picky eaters is either for children/toddlers or for adults who are willing to put work into trying new foods. There's nothing for stubborn picky teenagers. I want to cry.

  7. Me: 23, picky bc of many different things, trying to eat healthy but also hate warm fruits, many warm veggies, chicken, fish and allergic to nuts… Every healthy youtube videos: peanutbutter, chicken and nuts as healthy snacks.. help

  8. I’m not a kid but I have problems with food textures and so that’s why I don’t eat them I like crunchy stuff and meat I like meat no salads or anything like a fruit other than oranges

  9. My son has such a sensitive palate so he is a picky eater. Its frustrating especially because hes gained weight because he has no problems with carbs. With his palate if you change one ingredient from a food he already likes he knows the difference

  10. My problem is that my son only likes meat guisados. The only vegetables he eats are carrots and corn. He eats a lot of fruits. I regret so much not pushing vegetables as a baby and toddler. I love vegetables and fruits. I am the total opposite of a picky eater.

  11. I'm a picky eater and I struggle with seeing stuff like I can eat certain foods but usually I just close my eyes (ik it's weird especially because I'm not necessarily a smaller kid) but this helped a lot!

  12. My boyfriend is a picky eater and he hardly eats anything. He eats rice, chicken, crackers. Fried chicken fries. I got him to eat chicken breast that I learned to make it on the Pan. He doesn’t eat any types of veggies whatsoever.

  13. Hay Laura so I'm a 15yr old with spd, autism and im a picky eater just wondering do you suggest any of your vids I could maybe check out (more for tea or lunch time) thats not more the 2hrs to make please??? Thanks

  14. I don’t have a single meal that all my children will eat except for noodles with butter and cheese. That’s it. I’m at my wits end because I do not want to be cooking separately for everyone, fighting through every meal or wasting a ton of food.

  15. Actually I AM MYSELF A PICKY EATER 😭 i'm a teen and i really don't like it bc i often don't have anything to eat , so i probably go for junk food and fast food and i end up being fat ☹️

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