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How to Lose Weight on the Oatmeal Diet – Oats Recipe for Weight Loss, Healthy Diet

This is how to lose weight on the oatmeal diet, the most effective diet plan on the planet. If you have tried several weight loss plans and failed, you should give oatmeal diet plan a try; because this could be the easiest and the most effective diet plan you have ever tried. Try this diet experiment now.

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  1. I soak my oats in water over night one cup in morning I eat it every day it’s my favorite food . I eat a cup in morning then fruit or vegetables no meat .

  2. Will I have to take oats and fruit everyday to looseeeeee weight?
    If I take only these two things the whole day for 1 month with a day of cheat meal….. How much will I lost in 1 month?

  3. I'm gonna try this from tomorrow. I'm a paralyzed person and can't much workout . Now I'm 60 kg and I want to be atleast 55 kg. Let's see what happens.

  4. I will be starting this diet tmrw. Please wish me luck. I am very depressed as I have zero self control

  5. Hello, thank you for the meal plan. I started today. I ate all meals having 650 calories and walked for one hour(burning 300 calories). Is that okay if I ate more than 500 calories and burned the extra 200 calories with walking? Please help me with this question!

  6. I have used this diet but only 2 meals of oat per day for about 4 mon5hs and I lost 13 kilos. It works!

  7. Everytime I told my parents that I'm going to loose weight they will prepare good food😭

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