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How to Reduce Weight Without Exercise In Tamil/Full Day Diet Plan For Weight loss/No Oil No Sugar

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How to Reduce Weight Without Exercise In Tamil/No Oil No Sugar Full Day Diet Plan For Weight loss video is sharing how we can plan no cook meals for the whole day in order to reduce the weight.Very basic ingredients are required to make this diet planning.

Morning Breakfast :
Boiled egg -2
Grapes -some
Pomegranate-1/2 cup

Replace boiled eggs with two apples.

Lunch :
peanut -soaked and cooked
cucumber -some
carrot -some
raw mango -some
onion -some
coriander leaves -some
lemon juice -1/2 tsp
pomegranate -some
black pepper powder -some
salt -as per taste

Dinner :
Pomegranate -1
cucumber -1/2
Carrot -1/2

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  1. வீடியோ உபயோக கரமா இருக்கு….
    இந்த வீடியோ நானும் என்னுடைய நண்பன் பார்த்தோம்…நிறைய ஆங்கில வார்த்தைகள் இருந்ததால் …..தலையை சொரிஞ்சிகிட்ட்டு திட்டிகிட்டே போயிட்டான்….

  2. Enga madam protein ah kanom idhu yeppudi weight loss aagum….actually do n't tell weight loss that is fat loss…..fit industry ah indha maari thappa use panna kudathu because unga channel ah paathu try pannuvanga sila peru….neega soldra diet workout aagum aana fat loss aagathu muscles loss than aagum

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