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Keto Flatbread Recipe | Low Carb Keto Roti

Keto Roti | Keto Diet Recipes | Keto Flatbread | Low Carb Weight Loss Roti | Keto Tortilla | Keto Friendly Roti Recipe
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  1. Please also mention proportion of each ingredient to make larger amount of flour and its shelf life.

  2. 1 c coconut flour, 1/4 c FSA mix ( or just ground flaxseeds, 1/4 c psyllium husks ( or 1/8 c psyllium powder) 1/4 t himalayan salt, 1 TBSP butter, 1c boiling water added gradually. Rest dough 10 to 20 minutes. Divide into 8 balls, roll out between parchment paper, or thick plastic, cook over medium heat until brown flecks appear.

  3. Amazing amazing amazing …. taste like missi Roti… yummy. Thanks for your efforts.

  4. Have you considered narrating books? Perhaps you could write a diet book and narrate it for audible. Your voice is very soothing!
    Thanks for the great recipe <3

  5. Hi I made this today but It tested little sweet is it normal or I did something wrong 😑 plz let me know. Thanks

  6. I just started keto & saw this recipe. I tried and it came out delicious. But tried to read through comments about nutritions; couldn’t find anything. How many net carbs and calories are present in 1 roti?

  7. Can you show us a recipe for multigrain flour to include oats , wheat , jowar etc , so we can mix n use it everyday

  8. is there an alternative to psyllium husk? all the videos ive seen mention it, i cant use it as it has adverse effect on my digestion. kindly help!!!!

  9. Thank you,this recipe is with few ingredient. I will try this. your videos are well explained ❤️💛💚👍👍👍

  10. Can we use keto atta to make chapatis bcoz nowadays NutroActive keto atta is available in amazon plzzz reply

  11. Please clear if we need non stick tawa fir this or normal is enough to make….coz i tried it sticks to the tawa

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