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Kids Weight Loss Diet | Children Diet Plan

Kids Weight Loss Diet | Children Weight Loss Diet Plan | Kids Diet To Lose Weight | Diet Plan To Lose Weight Fast For Kids | Kids Diet Chart | Diet Plan For Children To Lose Weight |

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  1. Just came a across your video which I want to try for my 10 year old 🙂 However, I can't find the oats porridge recipe for dinner. Please help!

  2. Im 10 years old and I’m 1,40 tall and weight 33kg i have gained a lot of bellyfat and i dont want that ☹️

  3. What does a parent do when it hollween ? How do I control my 9 year old with social events holidays and more ..? I feel there is always something happening with sugar

  4. ummmmm heres the problem im a kid and i need to go on a diet cause im so fat sooooo i cant buy the ingredient any tips guys? plz help me

  5. I'm just here bc I'm fat in general and have been trying but finding no change

  6. I'm 14 (15 in three months) and I'm 108lbs A lot of people would consider that bad for my age, but I've always been a small guy anyways. I've been trying to loose about 3-7 pounds, this video helped quite a lot. I suggest using the tips in the video

  7. I am 9, My Classmates Brings 2/3 lunch Box Everyday But Still They are Still Thin and! 😭😭 Everybody Just Make fun Of me

  8. I’m 12 and I Weigh 187 pounds!!!! That’s ridiculous. I AM GOING TO MAKE A CHANGE and this video will help a lot

  9. the solutions of your weigh is your heigh make it tall more than no problem 🙂

  10. I am 11 years old and I am 40kg and I am 4feet 11'5inchi.I am trying to weight loss.I wish,I will be.

  11. Tip :exercise everyday and then after that Drink hot water

    Tip 2:Drink hot water every morning, Night, afternoon, evening

    Tip3: Have lots of rest


    tip5: after every exercises dance for1 hour

    Tip 6:Eat healthy food

    Tip 7:after every meal Drink hot water!

    Hope these tips help if u have any problems or if the tip is not working? You can reply me below!

    -Exercise For 10 minutes!

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