Mediterranean Chicken & Rice | 20 Minute Dinner Idea | Healthy + Easy Recipes

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  1. Thank you so much for your help!
    Don't have a mom to give me tips so I go to your channel for meal ideas for my fam. Xxoo

  2. Not all Mediterranean countries use the same recipes, when someone states "Mediterranean cuisine" it means they share a lot of core ingredients but not necessarily recipes. There is no traditionally Mediterranean recipes, the traditional part equates to the recipe owner of a specific country not the group itself.

  3. I took a screenshot of the recipe and went to the store and bought stuff but didn't buy peppers because it was not on the list. I think it should still taste ok without peppers . Are green olives ok to use instead of kalamata olives ?

  4. Hi Sara! I don’t know if someone already let you know, but the recipe on your meal plan website is missing an ingredient, the roasted red peppers. That said, I made it tonight and it was awesome!

  5. I'm thinking that this beautiful recipe could even be poured over a baked potato -? Am I dreaming too much on the wild side? It's on the weekend meal list, thanks DG!

  6. Sara!! Now that fall is (almost) here, in Montreal anyway 🙂 can you pls make some more oven roasted recipes!! Anything with vegetables or a twist on that! LOVE this channel! Thank you xo

  7. I think that blue sweater is hiding something?!!😬😬😬 Or I missed something..hahaha. Looks delishhhh – will def be trying!

  8. Never use canola oil I heard it's not good for you olive oil, extra virgin olive oil, coconut oil & avocado oil are the best oils to use for cooking.

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