Paleo Diet

Paleo Simple Easy Meal Recipes – Full Day Of Eating

I am doing a paleo full day of eating and sharing some simple easy paleo meal recipes.

Kara Corey is a Registered Dietitian and WNBF Bikini Pro. I provide science based information to help you live a fit and healthy life. I created the supplement line RD Nutrition with Fitburn being the very best fat burner on the market today. I have helped change thousands of peoples lives so they can lead a healthier happier life.

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  3. Kara your Paleo meals look awesome and while I haven't tried it yet…I might give it a whirl…but that pancake is to die for…thanks for reminding me I haven't made them in a while but I have time today….

  4. I don’t mean to criticize but hearing things like “12 grams of fat, that’s not bad”, “you need sugar” and “I don’t want my fat too high” (and with buying “breasts” rather than the whole bird), shows that there is still some fat phobia there. What’s to be scared or with fat? Dietary fat does not translate to body fat. If there is something to avoid it’s sugar and processed meats. Thats truly what reprograms your body for inflammation, blood sugar swings, and fat storage. You have the greens and vegetables down for paleo but overall I think you need to bump up your fat and that can be done by not avoiding yolks, and eating the standard “dark meat cuts” of organic protein, or grass fed beef. The other recommendation would be to cut down the fruit, or particularly don’t eat it without some fat or protein otherwise that leads to a large insulin spike (the #1 storage hormone we produce). Hope that helps. Just giving advice solely on what I’ve seen in this video. Don’t know how your other days are.

  5. Just popping in to say that you're really the only fitness person I watch on YouTube anymore (despite being a fitness YouTuber myself 😂) because you're just so real, relatable, non-threatening and fun to watch. Thanks for being you!

  6. Paleo messed me up! My cholesterol went up to ~300 mg/dl (normal is under 200) & that's because strict paleo is high in saturated fat from meats etc. After I quit paleo, & ate less meat & fat, my cholesterol dropped 100 points & back to normal. I also started eating beans, lentils, potatoes, grains which are all not paleo. I still lost weight and now 120 lbs. All my other blood tests are perfect as well. My digestion is better and cold intolerance disappeared.

  7. I have just finished a two month experiment on the keto diet. I enjoyed it but my strength went down and I felt like I looked 'fluffy' despite my weight coming down slightly. Good to experiment though, especially in the off season – interested to see how you get on with paleo xx

  8. I noticed an improvement in digestion after cutting out whey protein powder….interested to hear if you do too? Hope y'all are having a great day with sweet Bruce 😘💖

  9. I haven't heard you mention your annual HHN trip for a while. Are you all still coming down? It's an awesome year! I can't wait to hear your thoughts on the houses. They have some really creative original houses this year!

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