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Paneer Keto Diet Recipe by Vishwash Kumar | Weight Loss Paneer Recipe

A lot of my friends are on Keto diet and they have been asking me for a quick and easy vegetarian dish which they can have for Breakfast, lunch or dinner.

I have observed that a lot of Keto recipes on internet has too much of garlic and ginger, both of these are high in carbs(3 grams of garlic has almost 1 gram of carb). So, if you are intaking only 20 gms of carbs, please avoid ginger and garlic. However, if you are taking 35-50 grams of carbs, you can use a pinch of ginger and garlic to enhance the flavor of any dish.

This brilliant Paneer recipe is a brilliant for people who are trying to lose weight, takes just few mins and tastes AWESOME.

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