QUICK, TASTY, HEALTHY MEAL PREPS | 5 Meal Ideas for Busy People

Hi guys! Here are 5 quick, tasty and healthy meal ideas. I added links below for you to check out the ingredients on your own so you can meal prep like a pro. If you end up making any of these at home, tag me on IG with your photos of the meals or let me know what you think of them in the comments below. If your New Year’s resolution is to be healthier give this video a like! Don’t forget to subscribe for more healthy living tips

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  1. I wish doctor chose some better honey. Always buy raw honey, this one has all the pollen removed from it, to do so it's being heated up to a very high temp. Which turns this honey to just sugar, nothing healthy in it anymore. I'm telling you this like a true Russian whos family had many-many beehives for years.

  2. His bread is in the toaster upside down. this bugged me more than it should have

  3. Weird to see you not in scrubs. But also, dang my mans lookin fly nice coat! Sheeeeesh

  4. Hey Dr. Mike, what do you think about gumm chewing! Be honest! I tend to over do it sometimes, but I like the mint ones especially after eating, I think they refresh your breath, I don' t know if they whiten your teeth ( I don't think so) but when too much is too much?

  5. I feel for Turkey 🦃 😭. When u say u roasted turkey breasts it hit me hard , as if someone roasted my breast 😭🩺😶. Pls doctor give up on meat 🙏

  6. Watching this in 2021 and my husband always calls me weird for eating stuff with Cottage cheese… Tomatoes and mandarin Oranges.. now I can add apples to try! Thank you Dr. Mike

  7. can you please make a video on vegetarian recipes or recipes with vegetarian substitute, it will be very helpful. Lots of love from a law student!

  8. Yeah all right but i live in italy, if i don't have my 70 grams of pasta every day my mental health will be impacted and my grandma will kill me. HOW DO WE SOLVE THIS? UHHM, DOCTOR MIKE?

  9. 1 gram of honey is 1/4 teaspoon, so 1 teaspoon (4/4) honey is 4 grams of honey which is about 11 calories, 1 tablespoon or 3 teaspoons would be about 34 calories. 1 tablespoon is about 12 grams of honey. That’s a lot of calories because 1 tablespoon of honey is not sweet enough for me unless it’s homemade oatmeal, with plane oats berries and 2 teaspoons of honey or 7-8 grams of honey which is 21-23 calories in just honey

  10. I love Doctor mike's content but I found and ingredients is that there is canola oil in the bread witch I head is not good for you.

  11. BRUH I WAS SO FREAKED OUT LIKE WHERE'S YOUR MASK and then I saw when it was posted

  12. Is no one else upset about the fact that Dr. Mike puts his bread in the toaster upside down?? 😂😂

    Not really hating though, love ya Dr. Mike!!

  13. You had me on the crackers and guacamole until the sardines. Lol. I'd rather have tilapia on it 🤣

  14. Why does the apple have no seeds though. It's supposed to have seeds.
    I absorb cucumbers through the eyes.

  15. It is true the days that I eat fish or sardine I sleep better and bonus I love it .Hi Dr Mike huge fan

  16. Perhaps if I ate ALL that in a single sitting I would fill satiated. One apple and half a cup of cottage cheese?! Starvation mode – ON! 🙁

  17. Hi Dr Mike, just so you know, most of the honey that we see in markets are in fact glucose syrup with a little of honey in it, especially the liquid ones which have an additional operation done to it before conditioning. Make sure of the origin and the producer of the honey you buy if you want to enjoy all nutrients of the product. I invite you to search a little more on the subject, it is very interesting.

  18. I feed my dogs Primal Nuggets too! 🙌🏼🤓 (on top of the fridge) definitely validates my dog food choice! 😂

  19. Nothing can beat a bowl of steel cut oats , hard boiled eggs and apple/banana …I eat these 3 on breakfast kinda every day

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