Weight Loss

Salamat Dok: Healthy weight loss

Dr. Luningning Caravana talks about healthy weight loss, and gives tips on which food to take or avoid while on a certain diet program.

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  1. Bakit naman ganyan doctor yung kinuha lalo na yung babae di rin naman fit pati rin pala yung lalaki.nagtuturo pero di nila kaya gawin sa sarili .anong sense?

  2. 72 kgs ako Dati.iniwasan ko ang Matatamis.nag exercise ako arw arw 15to 30 mins.3times a day pdn ako nag rice Kasi d ko kaya wala😁.Iwas mamantika.fish fruits and veggies dpt Marami.s snack one apple sapat na.oats with banana din.pero pde k din nmn pumayat kht wl exercise bsta displinado sa mga kinakain.January ako ng start.masaya ako kht nd gnun kbilis at least my pgbbgo.hoping dis dec 60kgs nlng ako.my target weight.
    62kgs nlng ako now.😍😍😍

  3. I have lost 2 kg in 3 days, by taking masala oats in breakfast and dinner.

    Oats are very useful in weight loss A life without health is like a concert without music. Take care of your health and life will take care of you…!!

  4. THNAKU mera weight 78 kg tha or mujhe itnI PROBLEMS hoti thi ki pucho mat. fir kisi ne btaya ki planet

    ayurveda jao. maine bhi socha chlo ik bar try kr leta hu. jb maine vhaan se dwai start ki to mera drd to khtm

    hua hi sath mai mera weight loss bhi hua. ab mera weight 63 kg hai. thanks planet ayuvreda.

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  6. I made my body transformation. I was able to lost 15lbs for only one month and finally started feeling healthy. I took plan from Agoge Diet and followed their tips. Thank you #*Agoge Diet*

  7. Kung hanap mo lang magandang katawan. Shabu will help a lot to loosen weight 😊 Kahit katawan mo pa si Bobot Mortiz o Nadia Montenegro. Kaya ang extreme weight lost.

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