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South Indian Diet Plan in Tamil | Diet Plan to Loss Weight Faster | Lose 10 kgs in 10 Days

Hi friends, In today’s video on Eating white rice and still losing weight, Diet plan with white rice Weight loss in Tamil, I share with you a very simple and practical south Indian diet plan to kick start your weight loss journey. Hope you find it helpful.

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  1. Nanba nice Content But ithula some problem and restrictions iruku.

    General ha diet plan namba istathuku pana koodathu.

    1200 Calories plan is not recommended for all sex, or weight and height person.

    Pothuva namba
    Work Activities

    Vachi than Required calories for Maintaining same weight, weight loss and weight gain plan pana mudium.

    For Adult Men Required Calories = 2000-2500 for moderately active work (who not doing 5miles walking and simple sitting job)

    For Adult WoMen Required Calories = 1500-2000 for moderately active work (who not doing 5miles walking and simple sitting job)

    For weight loss we should check their factors and Target Weight with specific time frame.

    Recommended: 0.25-1kg per week
    Every 500 Calories reducing we will get 1Pounds(0.45kg) weight loss.. this is most recommended programs.

    Men = Min 1500 Calories important for regular work energy.

    Women = min 1200 Calories important for regular work energy (Moderate work women. If she doing heavy work she need more than 1500 calories)

    For example My Weight Diet plan for understanding:

    Age = 31
    Sex = Male
    Weight = 80KG
    Height = 178 Cm
    Activities = office work (less activities)

    My target = 65 Kg – 70KG @ 5 Months

    My BMI Target for 70KG is just " 22 " it's normal stage.

    Actually as per above factor my Regular calories requirment per day = 2423 Cal. per day

    Weight loss Normal = 1939 cal. Per day

    Weight loss Fast = 1454 Cal per day.

    If I'm maintaining this within 5 months I will reach my target.

    See 1500 cal. is mandatory for some physical work or exercise people. Actually I'm not doing exercises not doing physical activity work. So target Calories 1200 not recommended for all.

    Before doing your own way just check your nutrition for best advice.

    Below 1kg weight loss per week not required nutrition advice.

    Above data check pananum na intha link la poi parunga.



    Naraya free app iruku namba sapdura each and every products calories count check pana.

  2. Moring la milk consume panetu walking polama bro Or morning la water consume panetu running poitu vanthutu milk consume panalama bro before breakfast for.. Weight loss

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