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Super Easy Omelette Recipe – Healthy recipe – low carb – Keto diet food recipes

I have never been a huge breakfast person, but an easy keto diet, low carb omelette healthy recipe is something I can appreciate. This is not a fancy french omelette but an easy recipe for those that are just learning how to make an omelette and want an easy to follow technique. Please comment below and let me know of any food recipes that you would like to see here at Healthy Recipe Channel.

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  1. This looks good but I cannot stand when eggs are even lightly Golden burned. I hate that taste

  2. tremendous content Healthy Recipe Channel. I crushed that thumbs up on your video. Keep on up the wonderful work.

  3. Use a plastic utensil in your pan.. Jaysus.. My OCD is kicking my ass right now watching.

  4. Looked delicious at first I didn’t think the bacon was cooked enough but after seeing this it looks great

  5. Great for diabetics, either type, I use "spray lite" as opposed to the butter. But a little butter is no harm either if you prefer.
    Filling n tasty

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