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  1. I love the recipes however my boyfriend's doctor said he can only have a small amount because it raises his Tryglicerides something like that I think that is about his liver. What can I exchange the almond flour for just regular flour? I know that would be going off the diet but can't help it

  2. Why is it that almost every keto recipe has to contain cheese?? It's darn expensive here in Malaysia and definitely not lactose-intolerant or pcos keto-friendly🤦🏻‍♀️

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  4. All those carrots and tomato sause are not keto friendly. Too much sugar. Also artechoke is pretty much a no on keto. Way too many carbs.

  5. I tried several diets in the past. I have the will, just not the right diet. I finished the 1st day on keto diet today. Male with 66.5 kilos. I'll keep you posted.
    Edit1: down to 64.6 after a week
    Edit2: week 3 – down to 62.7
    Edit3: 1 month – 61.3
    Edit4: 61.0 after 2 weeks, hit the wall
    Edit5: 1 month and 3 weeks: 61….
    Edit6: 2 months on keto, 60kg, decided to come off and try a different diet (mix of the vegetarian, the mediterranean and the volumetrics diet), the keto is restrictive and the weight loss slowed down so

  6. Do waffles, maybe egg yolks, crushed pork rinds, lil' almond flour,rice flour, baking powder, monk fruit sweetener,lots of butter and sf syrup. Now u finish my idea, your the chemist.

  7. One thing I would never do is boil a cauliflower it would be so soggy. 😝
    Steam, bake or just cook together with other ingredients.

  8. EatLikeABear…intermittent fasting and KETO. Have lost 70# last year. More to go. 60+yr old female. Easiest way of eating ever. A1C of 4.0, and all numbers on CBC back within normal.

  9. I havent given up onions carrots or tomatoes ! and Im still losing and feeling so much better, everything in moderation , a savoury mince without onions !! no way ! x

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