Vegetarian Meal Prep Recipes | Back to School + Healthy + Quick + Easy

4 Week Vegetarian Meal Prep Menu Available Here

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  1. Tip – to remove turmeric stain, wash tray/dish/fabric or whatever is stained, and put in direct sunlight….and walla – stain fades away into the ether….:)

  2. Today I made the curried sweet potato with raita sauce for some of the teachers in my son's school to show appreciation and I love that they loved it! The raita sauce is so good I'm sad I don't have more. Thank you so much for your meal prep guide!

  3. Olive oil when heated oxidizes (Rusts) in your blood, causing cardio vascular disease (CVD). Why would anyone pay top dollar for cold pressed (not heated) olive oil to then heat? Because they know no better. Also, most olive oils purchased in US are a combination of rancid oils. This is a simple FYI for your viewers.

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