Weight Loss Food | Healthy Breakfast Recipe | Oats Omlet recipe

A quick and a healthy recipe for a wholesome breakfast. All we need is just some Oats, Eggs and a few veggies. A high protein food to energise our body or to relish it on the weekends lazing from our busy schedules on weekdays.Oats Omlet recipe

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  1. OATS are not a most usefull food, for CHANGE, can opt. We can substitute with
    చిరు ధాన్యాలు etc..

  2. Usually, CORRIENDER is " sprinkled " just before removing from తవ్వ. Let us not allow NUTRITION to take " back seat ".

    (I have been observing, some so called experimentalist posting, most IRRAESTIONAL COMBINATIONS to the public.).

  3. Nice recipe…. It's proved language is not important when content is clearly understood…..❤️❤️❤️❤️

  4. Thanks sis for wonderful✨😍✨😍 recipe I don't understand ur language but I read english subtitles jazak Allah so sweet

  5. Thankyou mam… Please share Another healthy breakfast recipe s, waiting your video s

  6. Looks delicious, will try. Thank you for an excellent presentation.
    Renu Roy from Germany.

  7. Also you speak Telugu very well! Although I am from Bangalore growing up on Kannada, I love Telugu! They are similar in many ways

  8. I don't know how it'll taste coz from it's first expression I think it'll taste weird but will tell after trying it

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