Keto Diet

What I Eat In A Day To Lose Weight on Keto Diet! Breakfast, Lunch, & Dinner!

What I eat in a day on a keto diet! I talk about Keto drinks like coffee3 to start the day, my keto lunch which is a lettuce wrap, Keto salmon dinner, & more!

0:00 What I Eat In A Day on the Keto Diet
1:00 Keto Coffee
4:48 Keto Lunch
6:05 Keto Sandwich
10:19 Keto Salmon Dinner
19:30 Keto Dessert

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  1. Sandwhich looks good. I try to stay away from processed meats like this cuz of nitrates, give me headaches. Salmon, tuna, egg salad is a better option like you said. As long as you don't eat processed often your good. I love salmon, but every salmon I have bought is just fishy. I heard Alaskan company has great wild caught salmon

  2. Produce in the area I live in is extremely cheap. Everything is paid for by the pound and most items are less than a dollar per pound. I could buy a whole cart of produce for less than 20 bucks. So… keto is not that expensive here.

  3. I just found u i like easy & cooking times..if i would Bake it ..would it be 350 for 15 min. Not sure if that would be to long..i dont like raw so i tend to over cook thats not good either. Thanks for your ideas i need to lose 30-35 lbs. Trying to cook healthier..Thank you for easy too !

  4. I love your nails. Where can I get them? And your makeup is amazing. What foundation do you use?

  5. Not all the-seasons is healthy for pre diabetic or diabetic. Most keto diet are different from diabetic diet

  6. lol
    nice video and daughter in behind of scene was a funny thing. =) good display about the food.

  7. The Redmond sea salt tastes like nothing to me, but I wonder if its because I got the fine vs. coarse sea salt.

  8. People like this coffee machines,, Do u people ever clean them? You ought to see the Mold that collects inside!

  9. what times do you eat for intermittent eating? TY for the video – love the easy meals.

  10. Your make is very becoming – I really like your red lipstick – thank you for excellent videos 👍

  11. I enjoy watching and probably I will do the same, see how will be the taste. I do agree with you that cooking at home is cheaper and let's keep it up.. cheers 🥂🥂🥂🥂

  12. Sorry it may work for you but reality the high in sodium is not good as well..all these recipes if u do u research is all high in sodium

  13. It can’t be good either to be eating all that fatty cold cuts one needs fat protein and carbs within limits

  14. looks delicious.. the truffle salt looks great. I never have salmon without dill and lemon butter. yummmmmmmmm also pesto butter is another good combination

  15. How many net carbs can you eat in a day on Keto?? I keep hearing mixed answers I’m so confused but want to start 😅

  16. Hello, I'm new in you'd channel abd I love it. I will like to know what coffee maker ure use, I'll like to have one on those. Thank you.

  17. Hi, I'm nre in your cgsnre and love yoy recipes. I will lukr to know what coffee maker your use, it loome so cool and I will. Like to have ine I'm those. Tjnka you

  18. Not sure if someone already asked this question. The pods you used on nespresso are they sugar free and where to get them?

  19. I've never seen a wrap done like that. Love it!
    I'm looking for your link for link lemonade electrolyte. I don't see it on my phone.

  20. Nati in the background hahaha love her!
    I bake my salmon my kids love it too.

    I want to know HOW do I do keto correctly. How much do I eat? I am super scared to overeat and gain weight.

  21. I can’t imagine this is more than 800 calories all together? I suppose it depends on portion size.

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