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What’s the DASH Diet and Why Doctors Call It the Best Diet

How to lose belly fat? How to lose weight fast without exercises? Doctors say that this diet is the most effective way to improve your overall condition.
According to the National Institute of Health, it scored a 3.3 out of 5 in the “Weight Loss Effectiveness” category and 4.5 out of 5 in “Health Usefulness”. Out of 40 diets evaluated, it was chosen number one! So who is this all-star? It’s something called the DASH diet.

The DASH diet is an easy, safe, and useful plan that can help you feel better and get rid of excess weight. You can lose weight gradually, no starving or yo-yo dieting. It won’t shock or stress your body out.

What’s it all about? 1:23
A few general rules to lose weight 2:15
What you can eat to lose fat 3:37
What food you should avoid for losing weight 5:13
How to plan your diet 5:44
Weight loss benefits 6:18
Is it easy to follow the DASH eating plan? 7:17

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  1. ….5 meals per day + max 8 snacks?
    sounds like a perfect recipe for a disaster to me tbh
    especially if you already struggle not to overeat every time you place something in your mouth

  2. Eat 5 times per day!!! There goes all the theory about Intermittent fasting. There goes my canned sardines!! Whoah, what about my juicy steak. Dash, I don't think so. Dash about BP and low salt and that's it.

  3. Far too much food we are not designed to eat. Milk is for babies. Five times a day? Why? We are no longer that active or having to hunt. I say only eat when you're hungry and not for the sake of eating. What do gps know anyway? Most don't study this exclusively

  4. I have lost 2 kg in 3 days, by taking masala oats in breakfast and dinner.

    Oats are very useful in weight loss A life without health is like a concert without music. Take care of your health and life will take care of you…!!

  5. Thanks for provide weight loss tips and exercise. To get rid from obesity, patient should control their eating and increase physical activities like use of stairs instead of elevator, ride bicycle instead of fuel bike. I loose weight after follow strict diet plan and take Planet Ayurveda Trim Support capsules for three months.

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